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We're Part of Something Bigger - Congratulations to

Our Penn National 2024 Healthy Eating Adventure Graduates!

This was a very exciting adventure with almost more attendees than the room could hold for all our delicious meals together!  So many more people are becoming aware of the Whole Food Plant-Based message – the health and environmental benefits of this lifestyle - continue reading

Congratulations to the Graduates of our Penn National 2023 Healthy Eating Adventure!

This was a very special Adventure; it had been 3 years since we had an “in person” event due to Covid. Our zoom Adventures were great fun and included folks from other states; participants experienced significant successes.  Yet, we had been missing the “together” times, sharing, tasting meals together and learning from each other. continue reading...

Thank You to our 2022 Healthy Eating Adventure Virtual Event Participants!

“I Have So Much More Energy” was a frequent comment heard from graduating participants of our Feb 2022 Virtual Healthy Eating Adventure! continue reading...

Congratulations to our 2021 Virtual Healthy Eating Adventure Participants!

Our Feb 2021 Virtual Healthy Eating Adventure was described by a participant as “like being at a combination cooking channel, Science Friday and a morning talk show!” continue reading...


Congratulations to our Penn National 2020 Healthy Eating Adventure Graduates!

Learning and health changes started with kick off on Jan 9th.

After Larry H’s great grocery tour and Jean’s Kitchen Makeover, IN  JUST 7 DAYS people were losing cravings for sugar, salt and fat!  Potlucks were fabulous as participants discovered their talents and the fun of cooking plant based. continue reading...

Congratulations to Our Wilson 2019 Healthy Eating Adventure Graduates!

    Graduation was a wonderful Celebration of your successes in taking on new ways of shopping, cooking and eating, and triumphing over old habits!    The fabulous dishes you prepared for each pot much and your testimonies showed YOU CAN BE WFPB! Keep staying/working toward 100% – giving your… continue reading »


Congratulations to Our Wilson College 2018 Adventure Graduates! See their Results!

“I experienced a different way of looking at food choices” Our Wilson Adventure was Wonderful, with 32 Adventurers dedicated to learning healthy ways to shop, chop, cook and dine plant based.  Graduation was a celebration of new health!  Here are some of the reports after  just 28 days: Change in Experience… continue reading »

Congratulations Penn National 2018 Adventure Graduates (story begins on page 5)

Congratulations to Penn National 2018 HEA Graduation         The graduation meal with all its flavors and variety was sure testimony that the graduates had earned their diplomas!       Three themes were heard throughout graduation evening conversations: The importance of having a supportive community and potlucks… continue reading on page 5 »



Congratulations to Shippensburg University 2017 Adventure Graduates

  Triumphant  Healthy Eating Adventurers shared their successes at graduation on November 28th.   Adventurers shared how they successfully shared their whole foods plant based cooking with family and friends over Thanksgiving, and explained to them how this way of eating changes lives!  Adventurers thanked their coaches and each other… continue reading »



Success at Wilson College Summer 2017 Healthy Eating Adventure

  This summer’s Healthy Eating Adventure at Wilson College was full of energy and, of course, delicious food.  Nearly 100 people attended Dr. Liz’s kickoff lecture and over 30 new participants “took on” the Adventure – along with energetic coaches and program volunteers. After Coach BJ’s kitchen makeover, Roshni’s supermarket… continue reading »


Penn National Golf Club and Community – January 2017

  Congratulations to Penn National Healthy Eating Adventure 2017 graduates. January was perfect timing for participants intent on keeping their New Years Resolution.  Participants were intent on changing their eating habits but couldn’t figure out how – or part of their brain was saying “don’t do it, I like my old habits”.  Old… continue reading »



Fall 2016 Shippensburg University Healthy Eating Adventure

  Shippensburg Adventures are special for many reasons. One of them is Nick Lula, dining service director and long term Healthy Eating Adventurer.  Along with energy he brings a fun pot location, chopping demos, wonderful infused waters, fabulous graduation dinner.  He has earned Shippensburg University a Grade A from PCRM… continue reading »


Healthy Cooking Techniques

Each dish and meal was a delicious success in our first “run through”.  Each dish taught different preparation, seasoning and cooking skills.  Participants learned from each other’s creations.  Click here to learn more techniques!







Summer 2016 Wilson College Adventure

Every Adventure has it’s own unique “flavor” and atmosphere.  This year at Wilson College our potlucks were held out at the Fulton Farm CSA pavilion.  Not only were we enjoying the huge variety of tastes of food prepared by Adventurers, but we were sitting in the middle of a farm reminding us where this… continue reading »


An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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