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Learning and health changes started with kick off on Jan 9th.

After Larry H’s great grocery tour and Jean’s Kitchen Makeover, IN  JUST 7 DAYS people were losing cravings for sugar, salt and fat!  Potlucks were fabulous as participants discovered their talents and the fun of cooking plant based.  Many noted it was great to be here with their spouse – and shopping and cooking together had become fun family time.  Even those who arrived there “because (s)he wanted me to” started enjoying the great tastes and experiencing the benefits.


By graduation participants reported many changes –  Lower blood pressure, decreased medication need,  and lower cholesterol  * Lost weight and “I can tell when I’m full” *constipation and reflux gone *Sleeping better and increased energy and brighter mood* Better focus and even more productive was noted *Improved diabetes control *Relieved inflammation and joint pain was frequently noted* Less Swelling* Many were surprised and pleased they could give up their cheese addiction – and noted many changes * Resolved Restless Legs*Learned to cook the plant-based way with fun and ease!


By the Numbers (from those who did Pre & Post testing:

Weight loss in 28 days averaged 4.5 – nobody felt hungry – continue this way of eating and you’ll get to your healthy weight

81% had decreased cholesterol – 50% had > 15% cholesterol decrease

88% had decreased LDL – most with > 15% drop (one with 46% drop)

Holly’s testimony shares her many changes – and these were experienced by many participants:

“So my experience with this has been amazing! First of all I did not plan to be vegan after all this. I was honestly taking the class for healthier living tips and excited about cooking and trying new recipes, but when I started eating vegan and eliminating all dairy, meats, and oils….well it’s been truly amazing! I feel like I have more energy which has allowed me the motivation to start working out again! I have an elevated mood! I had issues with chronic constipation…I won’t go into details but it was bad and since this eating change I have had absolutely no constipation and have been so regular! My gut is soooooo happy! And this is the first time ever that I have menstrated without any cramps!!!! I usually have severe cramping with my period. My face is clearer. I’m not even craving any of the old foods (which is amazing because cheese use to be my love) I also have a more clear mind and can focus and stay focused at work which has improved my productivity at work! My husband….though he couldn’t do this journey with the classes, has been doing it with me at home and he is seeing and feeling the difference as well. He now puts vegan request on my grocery list. And I still cant believe how easy it is to follow, how cheap it is to do it and how I still have the freedom to grab stuff on the go and eat out at restaurants with different choices of course but I find those choices better than before! So thank you to you, dr George, and all the coaches for you investment in promoting this and improving health in our community! It made a huge difference in my life!!!”

Fred and Bobbie  were impressed with the detail of all the steps and research that was presented, and amazed at their changes:

We enjoyed the adventure very much. If someone would tell me 6 weeks ago that I would Clean out my pantry, fridge, and freezer I would say that would never be possible. My wife and I lost 25 pounds each.  We really didn’t have to work for the weight loss, just eat correctly. She no longer suffers from acid reflux. We signed up for the adventure not knowing what it was about. We expected that it was some sort of healthy cooking class. What we found was a complete program in place. We were impressed with the detail of all the steps and reserch that was presented. You have a complete easy to follow program in place. From the pre and post blood test, personal testamonies of local people, research and documentation of reversal medical issues, proper grocery shopping, cooking tips and actually tasting the food, to a local physicians input and Patti’s enthusiasm. You have a great staff of  coaches that helped support the program.  We are glad to be part of this event. Thanks much

Participants were very appreciative of the support from their coaches:

Great emails, availability, a great help with recipes and ideas when I was “stuck” in making a meal, delightful attitude and willingness to help, very enthusiastic and provided additional resources, many cooking tips, good ideas on snacking, encouraged to keep going, more than just a coach – became a friend, willingness to answer questions, gather info to share, sharing experiences, how to better grocery shop,

100% is a Healthful Goal

It will keep you away from the VERY slippery slope and addiction  of sugar, fat, salt …….  and all the health problems they cause.

Whole foods plant based will give you the nutrients your body needs to energize, grow,  and repair, and will leave out the harmful additives, irritants, nonfoods, animal proteins, tendency to excess….   Even a small amount of an irritant or allergen can stir up inflammation and chronic medical problems.

Optimize your health!


Why Whole Foods Plant Based?

Great Health for Us!

Great for the Environment too!

“Feeling positive about being able to do something for my health and the environment”

Feeds many more People for less!

And Adds to our Humanity

Thank you to all volunteers and participants for your energy, time and enthusiasm – we all learn from each other and it’s a wonderful ongoing journey!!  Hugs, Dr. Liz

Our Penn National 2020 Healthy Eating Adventure – as always fabulous flavorful fun and great results!


An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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