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Healthy Eating Adventure Feb - Mar 2023


This was a very special Adventure; it had been 3 years since we had an “in person” event due to Covid. Our zoom Adventures were great fun and included folks from other states; participants experienced significant successes.  Yet, we had been missing the “together” times, sharing, tasting meals together and learning from each other. 


Participants emphasized how helpful it was to see and taste a variety of dishes and hear from each other about cooking techniques (as well as the demos).  They noted that making significant eating habit changes was easier when doing it with others on the same “journey”.  “Tasting all the different foods and recipes makes it so much easier”


Jean’s Kitchen Makeover on the first evening gave folks the basics of getting started on a “plant based kitchen”, and got them ready to try recipes from Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  Chef Nick’s demo “Mire Poix to Soup, Stew, Sauce, Stirfry” gave a broad intro to basic chopping and cooking techniques, and great ways to start a meal.  And now that we could be together  Larry’s grocery store tour was once again possible and popular….  It started in the produce section where we’re inspired by the variety and colors, and these foods don’t need ingredient labels!  Then comes the “in the aisles” label reading experience.. don’t rely on the clever front of the package, go to the ingredients… and be a little wary if it’s a long list of unpronounceables; and look for 100% whole grain.  Put blinders on for the overwhelming amount of highly processed canned and boxed foods, snack foods, junk foods….  In the end your shopping cart will be a bounty of whole foods; contrast it to those filled with sodas, …  Over the next weeks, participants report that shopping with spouses has become a fun adventure, and experimenting with new foods is surprisingly rewarding!


Over dinners and at graduation participants talked about why they joined the HEA.         ( So sorry we only captured photos of 2 of the groups - you're all so wonderful!  ) 

            *Lately I find I’m visiting my friends at the hospital, in the nursing home or funeral homes… I want to be healthy for my senior years!

            *In my work (financial advisor), I see too many people who don’t get to enjoy their retirement because of poor health.  This is my 2nd HEA and I’m feeling great on whole foods plant based lifestyle and I want to retire that way.

            *I had an artery that was 50% blocked  stented… and just recently I had another episode.  I watched Forks Over Knives at the hospital; hooray for Chambersburg Hospital having this available since HEA requested.  I’m enjoying this and making changes… some of my medications have been decreased.

            *I just feel better every day, and happier.

            *I finally realized I had to do something.  I’m a cancer survivor, I have fatty liver, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure .  I was always a “picky eater” and didn’t know how to cook. I was doing everything wrong, but I discovered I can do this way of cooking! I’m enjoying learning and experimenting with new foods.  I’m having fun and have more energy… I can walk around the block with ease.  I lost 20 pounds; I’m on my way to good health!

            *”Thank you to our coaches- you were so encouraging, and generous with your time!  I learned so much from you! “ were very frequent comments. 

            *100% is my goal.  I’ve participated before and I came for a “tune up”.  I know 100% keeps me away from the slippery slope and addiction of sugar, fat and salt and all the health problems they cause! 


Yes!!! 100% is a Healthful Goal:

Whole foods plant based will give you the nutrients your body needs to energize, grow,  and repair, and will leave out the harmful additives, irritants, nonfoods, animal proteins, tendency to excess that can stir up inflammation and chronic medical problems.

Great Health for Us and Great for the Environment

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