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Our Feb 2021 Virtual Healthy Eating Adventure was described by a participant as “like being at a combination cooking channel, Science Friday and a morning talk show!”


Virtual Conference

We went virtual on Zoom due to Covid 19, and it was a great adventure for all of us.  Our Virtual Adventure was Tuesday Evenings 6:30 – 8:30 February 9 – March 9, with new participants (including from other states), as well as HEA refreshers.  Thanks to our emcee Jenny and tech advisor Melissa,  our slide presentations on the science behind whole foods plant based eating, transitioned smoothly into our small group breakout sessions with our coaches, and then back to kitchen gadget demos by the team, and cooking demos by Chef Nick.  Of course the virtual  couldn’t match the fabulous tasting we could share at live HEA potlucks, but participants were enthusiastic and ready to learn.  Zoom seemed to easily facilitate Q&A with Dr. Liz, and recipe and technique sharing in the coaching sessions; everyone had “front row seats” at our kitchen “how to” demos, able to ask questions easily.

 At Graduation,  participants talked about getting started, or getting back on track; here are some tips:

  1. “Just making sure to eat the fruits and veggies (plenty of greens), legumes and whole grains every day,  helped me leave out the processed foods and animal projects.”

  2. “We made veggie and fruit snack packs….. so it was easy to grab those when we got the munchies”

  3. “Exchanging recipes and ideas with others helped me ‘reboot’ “

  4. “Meeting others on the journey to wellness was helpful”

  5. “Processed food had slipped back in, you think they won’t hurt, but that’s a slippery slope, and soon it became baseline…..  then the rest slipped in.  Exchanging ideas got me back on track, got rid of oils and the rest…. ”  Stay away from that seductive slippery slope!

  6. “I got passed the sugar withdrawal.”

  7. “I’m prioritizing preparing foods in advance”

  8. “I tried foods I thought I didn’t like…eating more whole grains and legumes, and enjoying oatmeal for the first time in my life!”

  9. “I’m enjoying spending time in the kitchen now”

  10. “Reading the book again (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease)  was very important!

And they emphasized the wonderful change in taste buds,

  1. “My taste buds are back and foods have flavor again!”

  2. “Stir fry is sooooo much better without oil – you can taste the food instead of just goo!”

  3. “I fall back into old habits…  each time I participate my tastes change!”

  4. “You invited me “into” your kitchens and I learned healthy  adaptations; I’m tasting foods more.”

  5. “You don’t know how much you love eating this way until you are – tastes for things you shouldn’t have, are no longer there.”

And wellness benefits:

  1. “I switched to Vegan several months ago; with HEA, I got rid of processed food.  I had childhood chronic kidney disease…. and on my recent lab work, my numbers have normalized.”

  2. “I wanted to lose more weight…. but I’m feeling great, and I’m going to continue.”  And the weight will continue to normalize. 

  3. ” Amazing to be able to do this from Colarado.  I had post-Covid Neurologic Syndrome with fatigue and brain fog; it was impacting my work as an anatomy teacher.  I believe this made a difference… my thinking felt clear again, getting off processed food and back on plant based.

  4. “My 2nd time and very happy to be back.  I remember why I  like this and remember how well I felt.  I’m having less hip issues, more energy, lost 10 pounds.  It’s good to be getting myself back on track”  Triumph over the old ways, joy with the new!

  5.  “Our 3rd time as a family – always inspired, feel healthier, more energy”

  6. ” I feel better, able to walk my dog, even in the cold, and can go farther”

  7.  “My total cholesterol dropped from 242 before to 182 after HEA.”

  8. “My restless legs improved”…. past participants have also reported this!

  9.  Improved sleep time, and sleep quality.

  10.  Participants noted more energy, better mood overall, trend toward less stress, and improved handling.

Thank you planners, speakers, techies, coaches, and participants for a wonderful journey!


Why Whole Foods Plant Based?

Great Health for Us!

Great for the Environment too!

Feeds many more People for less!

And Adds to our Humanity

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An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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