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Dr. Elizabeth George










Family Physician Dr. Elizabeth George spearheaded the development of Healthy Eating Adventures in 2010 as part of MACWell. She leads program planning and creates the research based kick-off presentation.  She reviews participant blood test results in order to monitor the benefits of the healthy eating program and adds to our outcomes… continue reading »


Coach BJ









I started my whole food, plant-based lifestyle in 2010 by completing our community’s first Healthy Eating Adventure (HEA) at Mercersburg, PA. By modifying my eating habits and exercising regularly, several health issues have been resolved and one sidebar is that I lost weight! No more meds!! I have been able… continue reading »

Ingrid Ashley

    Ingrid Ashley lives in Chambersburg, PA with her husband Tim and their two children.  She has been a volunteer with MACWell(Mercersburg Area Council for Wellness) since April of 2015.   She attended her first Adventure in Jan of 2016 at Penn National.  She decided to join the adventure… continue reading »


Patti Nitterhouse










Penn National developer and healthy-eating advocate, Patti Nitterhouse is enthusiastic about how the Healthy Eating Adventure is one of the ways residents are making life-enhancing changes to live the healthy, active lifestyles of their dreams—starting with what’s on their plates.   A master gardener, Patti loves to give tours of her vegetable garden,… continue reading »


An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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