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“I Have So Much More Energy” was a frequent comment heard from graduating participants of our Feb 2022 Virtual Healthy Eating Adventure.


 The energy was visible as our 2022 graduates  gave their testimonies.  Read their testimonies and discover what Healthy Eating Adventures are all about!

Pat noted “I feel good, my blood pressure is down, and my energy is up! I work in nursing; usually by the fourth day I was getting exhausted and couldn’t think of doing anything else! After eating like this, now I’m fine; after a full day of work I’m  still ready “to go” if my hubby says ‘let’s go for a hike, let’s go do something’.”

Brenda – “I’ve lost 15 pounds, feel better, can take the uphill hikes better, energy is better, and I’m staying motivated!”

Laurie – “I’m a changed human being, I’m happy every day, I wake up rested, alert.  My Fit Bit shows my REM sleep has doubled! And I think that’s why I’m happier; I’m smarter at work, I can do multiple things at one time without getting bogged down in anxiety.”

Beth – “I notice a big difference in my energy level.  We’re expecting our 6th grandchild and I have more energy to run after all those little ones.”

Flora –  I would never would have felt so good if it had not been for the Adventure.   It just amazes me what the WFPB does for my body.


“Thank you for all the Information”. Graduates talked about all they learned about “how to” and “why to” eat whole foods plant based.

Marie – “Everyone has done such a fabulous job, it’s all relatively new to me, a lot of science, a lot of tips in the kitchen -learned so much, Nick’s Demo’s were great; thanks to the “Chopping Demo”, I’ve done a lot of chopping and still have all my fingers”

Diane – “I’m reading labels, not buying processed, fake vegan stuff – didn’t realize the harm they were doing – the fake chick patties, reading articles, trying new recipes, eating all my fruits and veggies.”

Katherine – “I just want to say thank you to all the coaches, and really nice opportunity to see great cooking tips with Chef Nick; I liked the info regarding science … I’m restocking my kitchen another way .. looking forward to continuing!

Megan – “I saw this on Instagram from Esselstyns, and my doctor’s been talking about plant based eating for 2 years, I thought he was crazy… I’m very grateful for the information, recipes, getting rid of the processed food, reading labels, appreciate all the coaching and keeping us accountable”

Tom – “I have a renewed understanding and appreciation of physiologic benefits of plant based eating”

Bill and Joan – “Great refresher, appreciate lectures on science, that’s what really impresses us, it’s been fun learning new techniques, trying new recipes. Coach Patti added – “You guys have been our poster children for spreading the news at Menno Haven Senior Living, and encouraging the dining service to serve plant based!”

Glenn – “Thank you Dr. Liz for all the information – I’m convinced”

You can find the videos on “the science”, kitchen make over, and cooking demos on the home page. 


“We’re having fun trying new things” – Many mentioned fun at the grocery store, lots are pleased with no oil cooking, fun with new recipes, even “tweaking” their own.

Stacey – “We had eaten plant based but not WFPB, we were using oil, great change going off oil, made me feel so different, my skin is different, we learned so much.

Kenn – “When I attend various events that are catered, I can see the vegetable dishes are covered with oil, ugh, I do not miss that – and it’s so dense in calories.  I always like trying some new recipes and then I like to add a little of this a and a little of  that. I do like making things; stir fries you can really get adventuresome with.”

Robin – “This is my second time and I always learn something new.  What I really learned this time, I don’t go all over the store anymore, I shop the perimeter……. Explore the Veggies… and I find things I just want to try.  I can always find great recipes in Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease – made a recipe with eggplant and zucchini.  When I eat mindfully, I’m not as hungry; I appreciate all the time that they’ve put into this entire program.

Beth – I discovered this on social media – the title roped me in!!!  I had no idea it was all about plant based.  I’m not a cook, I’ve never really been that interested in it, but I’m learning so much, now I’ve actually been baking things and I’m excited about it!  I didn’t really know how to cut vegetables, so Nick’s presentation was a big help!  It truly is an adventure, I appreciate all of you for being so supportive and I really want to learn more.

Pat – I’ve lost weight.  I’m getting a kick out of trying things from Ann and Jane’s demo.  I’m enjoying breakfast spinach oatmeal, using flaxseed eggs, enjoying wraps; food at work is loaded with fat, salt, sugar, so, I just use whatever we fixed for dinner and put it in a wrap to take for lunch. I don’t do the exact recipe for cooking soups, stir fries and I’m using spices I’ve never used before, in amounts I’ve never done before. My husband will say, ‘it’s so good, are you sure you cooked this?’ “

Flora – I’m enjoying new recipes and I’m going to keep learning  to ‘just throw things together’. My husband eats “Dr Bob’s Granola for breakfast, skipping the eggs and sausage.”  I really appreciate all of you.”


Togetherness. Even without our potlucks, the fun of plant based cooking seems to bring people together.

Jan – “ I bought an InstaPot and was having fun trying it out,  but then my daughter adopted it!  So now I’m having fun trying recipes with her.”

Susan – “This has been fun; I’ve been meeting with a friend to cook together, this week we made a soup, the other day a beans and rice dish. So, I’ll keep doing this.”

Flora – “We’re doing a cooking class once a week with our daughter!”  Our daughter-in-law just copied Dr. Bob’s granola recipe so it has been a big hit in our family.

Becky – “I didn’t know what to expect; when I heard the words Healthy and Adventure, I just jumped in! From the lectures to the breakout sessions everyone was great.  Nick, thanks so much, you’re so laid back and you just make cooking fun! I even have my hubby in kitchen helping, chopping veggies, and looking at recipes together; we’re discovering new fun things in the grocery store, that I never knew were there – healthy things.”


Auto immune disorder resolution of symptoms.

Inflammatory and auto immune disorders are becoming more common and are likely related to the increasing animal products and processed foods in our diets. Leaving these out, and the anti-inflammatory quality of plants makes a big difference.   Often at our Adventures, participants report relief from their symptoms.

Bonnie – “I’ve been on the Adventure before, it’s good to be back; I’ve strayed, usually because I’m not prepared. Work keeps me busy; being prepared is the key.  I always know when I start to feel bad with arthritis, down to the tips of my fingers; when I get back to this way of eating, I always feel better.”

Megan – “My husband was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis at age 28. Doug has noticed since switching to a plant based lifestyle, he no longer has had flare ups and is not waking up in the night due to pain.”  And we have a family history of cancer, so it feels good to take control and to feel less like a victim”

Nancy – “My cholesterol came down 28%. I’m happier. I slept through the whole night which I haven’t done in 15 years.  With my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – everything hurt all the time- elbows, knees. Eating this way does literally change everything. I don’t feel tired, this is ‘Food as Medicine’; my arthritis isn’t as bad, no indigestion, and I’m able to manage things that I haven’t been.  I feel so much better.”


Long Term Goals that keep us going.  Knowing what you’re committed to, your life goals, really helps you continue your WFPB lifestyle!

Beth –“I’m looking forward to continuing my Adventure so I can be as healthy as I can be for as long as I can be, to run after all those grandchildren; I want to be healthy not only for myself but for my family for as long as I can be.

Brenda  – “I have an adult son with Downs Syndrome who lives with me.  I think that the path that I’m on now is the one that is going to keep me around to take care of my son.”

Anne – “I’m a Coach in training; Dr Liz and I marched to the white house together. I’m a director for a large group of home care nurses.  This really is the cure for so many of the “dis”eases that were treating…. I’m on a mission to teach as many nurses as possible and spread this plant based health even further.  Also, now I’ve discontinued my last hypertensive medication”

Join our next Adventure to get started on a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle.  Or you can “self start” by reading the articles and watching the videos on the home page.


Our Previous Adventure...

Our Feb 2021 Virtual Healthy Eating Adventure was described by a participant as “like being at a combination cooking channel, Science Friday and a morning talk show!”


An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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