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Congratulations to Our Wilson 2019 Healthy Eating Adventure Graduates!


Graduation was a wonderful Celebration of your successes in taking on new ways of shopping, cooking and eating, and triumphing over old habits! 











Wilson 2019 HEA Graduation

The fabulous dishes you prepared for each pot much and your testimonies showed YOU CAN BE WFPB! Keep staying/working toward 100% – giving your body what it needs to be in optimal health, and leaving out the damaging!  As one of the coaches said “Beware of the slippery slope!!”  At your graduation you were all glowing and full of energy for the beginning of the rest of your lives!

With the Adventure kickoff on July 16th, attendees were fascinated by the extensive science and medical evidence that supports Whole Foods Plant Based Eating.


On Kitchen Makeover night Jean Ellis cooked a stew right in front of the group – demonstrating how easy and how delicious this can be.


The first pot luck night with a Demo by Chef Dan was a favorite!

Chef Dan started off his demo by placing sliced pineapple on a hot pan — and showed how you let it “give off” it’s liquid to help cook additional ingredients.  He chopped and added  onions, then colorful veggies – green, red and hot peppers, broccoli, eggplant, letting each add its moisture, and explained flavoring as he  added the spices.

The group caught on quickly over the 4 weeks of share and learn Potlucks, with their  coaches and teams, creating  fabulous and creative flavors. .  Spice exploration was a goal of many!  On “It’s a Wrap” night, folks were creative at using leftovers to make tomorrow’s lunch with rice paper or Nori Wraps; some Wasabi and ginger added just the right touch!





                                        Chef Andrew & Dan created a                                            fabulous feast including a                                                  portabella bar at the Kick Off,                                            We had  “cooking without oil”                                          demo at potluck #1!


The Power of Potlucks:

Kathy noted “I enjoyed getting to know my team, and especially enjoyed trying new dishes at the potlucks.  The potlucks forced me to try out new recipes, some of which I prepared to share with friends, who thought they were delicious and asked for the recipes!! ”

Dicky – “I learned a lot about how good plant based diets are and very much enjoyed the many different foods.” “And meals taste great without meat!!”

Denise – “We really enjoyed it.  We learned how to prepare many new dishes and tried a wider array of foods.  Loved the support of so many new friends”



Life Changing Results Beyond the Numbers:

For sure the group had significant changes in our “numbers”:  95% had weight loss with average loss of 4 1/2 pounds (biggest loss 12 lb).  80% dropped their cholesterol with greatest drop of 44 points.  Greatest LDL decreases were 51 and 47 points.  5 persons with pre diabetes normalized their sugars.

Beyond the numbers, there were powerful results that can’t be measured!  “Change in taste buds” was noted by many – being able to “taste the flavor of foods”, being able to recognize when things are too salty or sweet, and less interest in fatty foods.  And many noted “I have less cravings!” – which is a triumph over a driver of unhealthy eating habits.

Physical changes included more energy, better mood, resolution of painful joints, stiffness after sitting and inflammation.  And we had 2 more persons have their “Restless Legs” resolve; this is a very insidious medical problem that disrupts sleep and mood and does not respond to “medical” management.  I sent a note to all the care providers encouraging to let folks with these problems know, that plant based eating, can reverse them! Most of all – as one participant said – ” You are now in control of your own health!”


You’re invited to “Keep Coming Back”

HEA alumni are welcome at (and an important part of) every adventure; there is no fee to join subsequent adventures.

Volunteer – it’s fun and when you share HEA it helps you keep it.  Volunteer to put up posters, as a greeter at kick offs, asset in potluck set up or consider being an assistant coach (trainee:).  


Bring your website/social media talent!! – Contact Us through this web site

Stay in touch with your coach!

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An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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