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Want to pack a healthy lunch?

Packing a healthy lunch can be easy (and even relaxing!)

Packing a healthy lunch is a mindful way to start the day.  This morning packing started with a soothing trip to the lettuce patch.  The handy “spring mix” from the store also works well – and save the box for a “lunch box”.  Carrots, celery, broccoli are “stock” items in my fridge; asparagus and peppers I usually buy depending on price, freshness, season and whether I can find organic.

“Lunch Box”

Quickly packed, ready to go and stores easily at work, 2 meals!

And the fun things is, while you put it together at lunch time, your co-workers can see how easy it is to make a delicious salad!!  I took my roasted veggies and beans from the other night in a reusable container !! I took enough to pack once for 2 days lunches. I usually also pack some seasonal whole fresh fruit for afternoon snack.

Ready to make lunch at work.

 Some say “making lunch takes too long.”

At lunch time it is easy to put my salad together and heat up the roasted veggies with beans.

And, it doesn’t take as long as it does to drive your car and then wait on line to get your lunch through the car window!

Done, picture pretty, delicious, and this meal won’t give you post meal bloat or that draggy feeling.   Yummeliciousnutritious!

Fresh fruit or veggie for afternoon snack – how to pass by the “snack food” trap.

A little note about a crunchy fresh fruit (or could be veggie such as carrot) snack.  By the end of office hours my brain is sometimes tired and when I walk into the staff room, it’s not unusual that someone has left some cookies.  And, as you know, when your brain feels foggy, it’s easy to be drawn to sweets.  I’ve taught my brain to pipe in — “well yes, that sweet stuff looks “good”, but it’s also gooey AND have you had your apple today? (After all it is true that it keeps the doctor away!)”  All I have to do is eat the apple - the crunch is energizing, satisfying and my mind is happy, and sooooo glad it didn’t add to mind fog with sugary, fatty and who knows what other ingredients!



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