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Plant-Based Poke Bowls - Enjoyed by All

Poke Bowls can be a simple family dinner or a fun to make meal at a large family reunion; it can suit lots of different preferences. Poke bowl is traditionally a dish from Hawaii made with ahi tuna or octopus (tako) and lots of wonderful toppings. Tofu works as well. The choice of base and toppings is flexible; at our recent gathering in Duck, NC people could pick and choose their favorites.

Start with a base and then add toppings!

It takes a little prepping in advance ... people can share in creating. Start with a base; brown rice and quinoa work well, along with leafy greens. Our greens had shredded carrots and beets, and orange pieces tossed together.... delicious.

Next in line was marinated/baked tofu - check out these easy marinade options Chick peas & and kale topped with marinade and roasted at 375 are a yummy addition.

The kids and adults alike enjoyed building their bowls, and loved the marinated tofu. (Trilly's favorite marinade is powdered ginger, onion, garlic in soy sauce; add a splash of maple syrup to taste)

And Colorful, Flavorful Toppings!

Our topping selection included fresh mango, pineapple, peas, cucumber, edamame, and avocado. Have fun exploring your produce section!

Garnish Options

Pickled ginger, cilantro, wasabi, sliced green onions and add crunch with spicy peanuts and wanton strips.

And an Array of your Favorite Sauces

We included Sriracha sauce, sweet & sour sauce, sweet Thai chili sauce, and a mango habanero hot sauce - flavors, spice and heat to appeal to all!

Some of the folks were out boating in the morning and added grilled fish to the selection! This meal is fun and flexible to all tastes and preferences.



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