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Roasted Veggies And Quinoa – an Easy, Flavorful, “One Pot” Meal. Try a Variety

Roasted veggies is one of my mind relaxing “go to” meals. Once you have the basics on roasting vegetables, the sky is the limit on variations.  Nutritionally it can be a one pot meal — make extra and you’ve got lunch for the rest of the week

Assembled Vegetables

Assembling the ingredients before you begin ensures everything is included and efficient timing!

I love “browsing” the fridge,  and garden  to choose my veggies, and lining them up to get started. (I think I must be balancing the colors and textures). This evening I chose *celery, *carrots, *onion, *mushrooms, *beets, *potatoes, *red cabbage, *black beans.   I also remembered to check out the freezer — and found *green beans from the garden and *broccoli from the farmers stand. (Buy extra in season; it’s so easy to briefly blanch and freeze). (Or you can get tasty veggies in the frozen food section)  Have fun using  as many or few different veggies as you want.

Peeling veggies can result in nutrient loss!

Ready to roast vegetables
Washed and cut vegetables ready to roast.

Wash and scrub your veggies,  but do not peel; often that’s where many of the nutrients are found.  Even onions have some key nutrients near the surface, so just remove the very outer layer. (For example there’s plentiful quercetin – a flavonol that can reduce blood pressure and prevent arterial plaque that can cause heart attack and stroke) Save the peels for simmering into stock.

Quinoa over vegetables

Quinoa will cook right in the pan with the vegetables as there is plenty of moisture in frozen and raw vegetables.

Layer the frozen veggies on the bottom. Sprinkle on 1/2 cup of quinoa – and just 1/2 cup of water, since the veggies will add the rest.

Quinoa Package

Quinoa is wonderful source of protein, iron, magnesium, folate, fiber, many anti inflammatory and anti oxidant compounds.  “Cube” your carrots, potatoes, beets – 1 inch (if you prefer larger, add cooking time); slice the celery, onions, mushrooms, red cabbage.  Layer the veggies on top of the frozen veggies and quinoa.


For seasoning I’m in the mood for trying Tarragon, Turmeric, pepper.  While the veggies cook at 375* for 35 minutes – put in the laundry, and relax and read :))

Don’t be afraid to try the suggested spices and also experiment to decide what spices work best for you and your family.

Vegetables in roasting pan.
Once assembled the colors are beautiful and look delicious!

The colors make the dish even more appetizing!

The shavings of red cabbage are so pretty on the top and adds a lovely flavor.  After cooking for 35 minutes, add the beans.  I lucked out – a patient who knows I admire her garden, brought me Horticulture beans grown in her garden and lovingly canned – she said the kids loved picking the beans. And I also used the black beans I soaked last night.

Topped with Frozen Kale

Add the beans on the veggies – and top with frozen kale from my garden.  (It’s so easy to freeze kale – if you grow it, your guaranteed to have extra, freeze whole leaves and break into smaller pieces to use).  Put it in the oven for 15 -20 more minutes in the oven, put the clothes in the dryer, and I had time to relax and read.

The finished result is delicious, nutritious, aromatic and fulfilling! And cooking Quinoa this way works so well!

Rather than cooking being a chore, your mind is so “in the zone” from choosing and chopping your veggies, you’ll find it’s clear to be creative while your supper is  cooking!!  

The finished result in a bowl


  1. Carrots, Cabbage, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Beets, Celery and Onions (the amount can vary depending on who you are cooking for, what you like, and how much leftovers you want).  Also, frozen broccoli and beans.  Suggestion – beets are slow cooking – I cut them smaller than the potatoes.

  2. Quinoa – 1/2 cup, water 1/2 cup

  3. Tarragon, Turmeric, Pepper (or Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary) (or choose your favorites)

  4. Any kind of beans – pick one (or even 2 kinds!) that will look pretty! (I used black beans and horticultural beans)

  5. Kale (or Chard) – frozen or fresh


  1. Preheat to 375*

  2. Layer the frozen veggies on the bottom and add the Quinoa  (if you’re not using frozen veggies, you’ll need to add additional moisture – 3/4 cup  water)

  3. Chop the fresh veggies and put into the glass dish (NO OIL)

  4. Shake, shake, shake the seasoning on (if you prefer to measure, start with 1/4 tsp and add more to taste) — or use fresh

  5. Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit  for 35 minutes

  6. Check that veggies are getting tender, and add the beans and kale over top – and stir a bit into the “juice” that the veggies are releasing.   (“strip” fresh greens from the stems – smaller stems can be added in to cook)

  7. Cook 15 – 20 minutes longer until all veggies are tender.



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