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Potatoes with Toppings – A Fun Meal for Kids to Make

“Loaded Potatoes” can be tastey and nutritious. They can be an easy to make,  complete meal, with not too many ingredients.  Recently our grand kids were visiting and we had a great time cooking together.  This meal they did pretty much on their own.

Ingredients: Potatoes, black beans (or your choice), scallions, garlic, Indian Masala (or your choice of Indian or Mexican spices), barbecue sauce, salsa (your choice); salad makings.

The girls had fun describing the process:

Addie – first we went to the garden and dug potatoes. Then we went for a swim.

Kalea – By the time we remembered about cooking dinner it was 7:20. "Oops", GramEliz said ….. "no problem"

Addie – I put water on to boil in a large sauce pan – no salt! I put the potatoes in a strainer and scrubbed them with water. No peeling.

Kalea – "The peels are delicious and very, very nutritious" (sung to a cute melody)

Addie – "When the water was boiling, I added the potatoes – the bigger ones cut in half by GranBob."

Kalea – Meanwhile I was “stir frying” thinly cut scallions and 2 cloves of crushed garlic with a small ice cube of vegetable broth on medium high. The trick is to keep stirring with a spatula to keep it from burning. (Read about stir frying without oil)

Kalea – after they were browned, I added the black beans. (We saved the liquid from the bean can for aqua fava).

Kalea – We talked about spices – Turmeric, Cumin ……. And decided on Gara Malasala, and I added ¼ tsp.

Addie – Add a glug of barbecue sauce and let the beans cook on medium for 10 minutes.

Addie – While the potatoes and beans were cooking, we made the salad. Kalea washed and spun the red/green lettuce. (that salad spinner was fun!)  I cut up cucumbers and tomato and then ……. I decided to also add Zucchini!

Kalea – I set the table

We served the cut potatoes with beans and salsa on top, along with the salad. A colorful and delicious meal was on the table by 8:20! GramEliz and GranBob said that we're great cooks!  We sang “Johnny Appleseed” and then Yummy!!



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