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Pineapple & Kohlrabi Say ‘StirFry’ (with Tips on No-Oil Stir fry)

Let Your Food Tell you What to Make

Pineapple is a delicious snack or dessert, but when I see it in the refrig along side lovely eggplant and Kohlrabi, it clearly adds up to STIR FRY!! Not sure what to make for supper? Check out your ingredients and let them inspire you and guide you!

Fabulous Stir Fry Ingredients (Kohlrabi to right of carrots)

Ingredients:  Along with the Eggplant, Kohlrabi  and Fresh Pineapple, I gathered Carrots, Onions and Peppers.  In addition to flavor, I think about ‘what colors will look good together?’

Spices and Seasoning:  Ginger, Garlic Powder, Low Sodium Soy Sauce, and Fresh Orange Juice

Start by making a Marinade for your eggplant:  Mix together 1/2 cup soy sauce, shake in 1/8 tsp ginger (more or less depending on your liking),  and juice from 1/2 orange.  Whisk it and taste it – if it’s too edgy, I add a small glug of maple syrup.

Put your whole grain rice on to cook (follow directions on box)…. use your timer since you’ll be doing several things at once!

Slice or cube the eggplant and pour the marinade over it to soak up the flavors, while you prep your other items. (I sliced this time… next time I’m going to cube so they’ll be a little firmer.  Follow your instincts.  And you can always do it differently next time!)

Carrots Sliced on Diagonal

Slice your other veggies. (aren’t those colors beautiful!!!)  I sliced the carrots on diagonal to give a broad surface to soak up flavor.  I left the onions and peppers in nice size slices so their flavors can still be tasted individually as well as together.  The Kohlrabi is similar to water chestnut in this dish, sliced in smaller cubes since it’s slower to cook.

Cube the Pineapple, and oh yes, add some marinaded Tofu.  When I buy tofu, I get 2 pounds and Marinade it, some just in slices and some in cubes, bake, and freeze for when needed! Read about Easy Tofu Prep

Put your Nonstick Pan on  Medium High and add the most “moisture releasing veggies” – in this case onions and peppers.  Use a rubber spatula to stir and toss all the while.  As it starts to brown, add a small amount of water, veggie stock, or white wine and continue stirring with your spatula (you’ll notice the browning absorb off the pan.  Read about how to cook without oil for health and for easy clean up.

Add Other veggies.

Gradually add other veggies…KEEP STIRRING

Remember to check on rice!!

Keep Stirring!!

Add the remaining ingredients, keep stirring.  Add more stock if you would like more liquid.  Taste test and see if you want more ginger.

Serve over Brown Rice

Serve over the rice, with a colorful salad. This one includes red cabbage and golden heirloom tomatoes.

Keeping a well stocked pantry  (and refrigerator) – with in-season fruits and veggies – lets you open your fridge and be inspired to create a delicious meal!  Read how “A Well Stocked Pantry” makes planning and cooking easier and more fun!



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