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Easy Salad Making for all Week Long and to Suit all Preferences!

I love to go to salad bars, and decided that there is no reason why I can’t have my own.

My Home Salad Bar

Every weekend I shop for fresh veggies, cut them up and put them into individual containers.  The choice of veggies is endless – spring mix, spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, onion, cucumber and more.    I also open up a can of beans and put it in a container.   All of the containers stack nicely in my fridge.

Everyone in our family likes to put different things in their salad….

so when the crew comes over for dinner, I just pull out the containers and everyone makes their own salad with the items that they like.

Every morning, I pull out all the containers and quickly throw together two salads, one for me and one for Joe to take to work.

My “home salad bar lunch” – I added some roasted veggies from last night

Tomorrow's lunch

Such an easy, delicious, healthy and convenient lunch.

And it costs so much less than eating out, or even getting “take out”.   Some days I’ll add a piece of fruit or some supper “extras”.

I wish I had thought of this years ago… one has to pick out the veggies that they don’t like when they visit, and lunch packing takes a lot less time now.

I have fun shopping for and trying a variety of salad ingredients…….  And it’s fun to see what “the gang” will try — even trying new things.  After doing this for a while you’ll discover your favorites, and also have fun trying new salad additions.

For Additional Salad ideas you might enjoy “10 Salad Variations”



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