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A meal from scratch in 29 min? Yes! Spicy Potatoes and Beans

Sooooo Easy, Sooooo Tasty! A meal from scratch in 29 minutes? Yes, including pan washed!!  And a delicious salad with almonds, fennel and orange.

We just got back from Grandbaby land in Van Couver last night, so refridge is fairly empty.  Earlier this evening I grabbed some home grown frozen potatoes and tossed them into the toaster oven at 250 to thaw — still not decided what to make.  Though Mexican spicy was sounding good and there were kidney beans in the refrigerator (left over from some I opened last night.)

Onion and other assembled ingredients

Assembling the ingredients before you begin makes cooking easier!

At 8:16 - I got out onion, celery, garlic, kidney beans – and salad makings mixed greens, red cabbage, asparagus, an orange, and fennel.

Crosscut Onion

How to Chop Onions Easily

Chop the celery, peel the onion lightly ( the most nutrients are near the outside.)  The photo shows an easy way to chop an onion; look closely – cross cuts, then slice.

Veggies in the Pan
Veggies and spices sauteing in the pan.

“Frying” Without Oil

Set the pan on high and toss the celery and onions; reduce to medium high as ingredients start to sizzle and soften– stir w soft (wooden can scratch a nonstick pan) spatula until they start to brown, then put in a frozen cube of veggie stock to slowly give off moisture. (Read here on how to make the stock) stir frequently.  Cut potatoes into 1″ cubes, chop the garlic and add to the pan.  

The veggies have more flavor when not sodden with oil!

Choose Your Spices

What makes Mexican?  Along with the onions, shake on pepper; Chili sounds good, and how about cumin?  I don’t measure I just shake – but the picture gives an idea of the density of the spice. Oregano and cilantro  are often used. And you can add chipotle powder (dried and ground roasted jalapeños) for more “heat”.

Bean in the mix

Timing is easy just add the denser veggies in first so they have time to soften!

Add the beans and heat through – maybe 5 minutes.  Meanwhile build the salad.

I love greens so I use a big bowl — baby spinach, mixed greens, cut the asparagus into 1/2 inch pieces.  Slivered fennel bulb, cut the orange over it…feels like something’s missing…How about slivered almonds too!!  Yum! And I’ll use a balsamic vinaigrette.

Clean up is So Easy without Oil

Pan after serving

Clean Pan

A ceramic pan will be practically clean when finished serving, making dinner clean up super easy! Actually almost any pan will wash more quickly and easily when you cook without oil!

And check out the pan after serving practically clean and 1 minute later in photo.  Pans are sooo easy to clean up when no oil is used — and the meal was served at 8:45pm!! Complete meal in 29 minutes salad and all!

Complete dinner

So  good – just the right spicy — use more Chili and cumin if you like it HOT.


  • Onion

  • Celery

  • Potatoes 1/2 – 1 inch cubes

  • Garlic (1-2 cloves)

  • Pepper, chilli, cumin

  • Beans (kidney, black beans – you choose)


  1. Preheat pan to medium high.

  2. Put chopped celery and onions in  preheated pan  – stir with soft spatula

  3. Use a small cube of frozen stock (to add moisture as needed and the veggies brown) - turn down to medium.

  4. Add potatoes and garlic – keep gently tossing

  5. Add seasoning to taste

  6. Stir continuously with soft spatula, until starts to brown

  7. Add beans

  8. Heat through, ready to serve!!


Spinach, mixed greens, shaved red cabbage, asparagus in 1/2 inch pieces

Top with slivered, fennel, slivered almonds and cut the orange over this; your dressing choice — I like balsamic vinegar.



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