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Adventure Graduates Offer Keys to Success


Graduation is always an inspiring sharing of change and success. This summary from an earlier Adventure has helpful “keys to success”

Our Pre Adventure questionnaires showed that most of our 40 participants ate just a few fruits and veggies, infrequent legumes, regular meat and dairy intake, and many were not sleeping well. Once again graduation was an inspiring sharing of positive results from the Adventure and from adapting a whole foods plant based lifestyle.  The “numbers” are always telling – 90% with  weight loss – avg 6.5 lb; 66%  with decreased cholesterol, with the biggest loss 69 points; improved glucose control  and decreased medication, and reversed of pre diabetes; blood pressures improved also with decrease medicine need.

Even more notable is the change in how people feel with so many reporting increased energy and improved mood. And the benefits of decreased inflammation were notable with resolution of IBS, Restless legs, and general musculoskeletal pain.

This is a now a Way of Life!

Most notably many spoke of seeing their changes as not “just a diet”, but new way of life.  “I feel like I’ve found a way to get off the “yoyo” syndrome that I had most of my life;  whole foods plant based eating isn’t just a diet, it’s a way of life and the Adventure gives you a chance to change”  Looking over my notes from graduation, a clear list of “Keys to Success” was apparent:


Graduates’ Keys to success:

1. Reframing how we think about things:

In response to the list of “what was most challenging?”,  DS  noted  “Nothing Really – I just did it! Nike!” Keep giving up the mantra “it’s hard”.   “Thank you for the Grand Adventure”.   MF described how she created positive thinking about eating WFPB.  “Now I say ‘I want greens & beans, instead of saying I can’t have meat, cheese, eggs” .  Tyler, our youngest participant, age 6,  followed her mom’s suggestion and was happily keeping a list of all the healthy foods she enjoys, and gradually trying new things and adding to the list!   Many adults could surely learn from this – so many hold onto their child hood “I don’t like….”

2.  Learning AND practicing a few basics:

Give yourself the basic tools.  TG found that “the Potlucks allowed me to use my hands, to use various ingredients purchased (for the first time)  Instead of just reading the topic, I practiced and shared”.  “I  learned how to read labels, learned new cooking techniques” “The grocery shopping tour was great” were other frequent notes. The chopping demo was a big hit – and the chef was surprised with how much the kids enjoyed being involved.

3. Gain Knowledge:

Know the science.  “I came to be  supportive of my wife –  but my scientific background had me really enjoy the lecture and see how it all applies to our way of eating and health”.  The more we equip ourselves with the clear knowledge of how key WFPB eating is to how our bodies function, grow, repair, the easier it becomes to stay committed.

4. Gather Support

The Adventure surrounds you with a supportive community, but you also connect with support around you simply by sharing what you’re doing.  “The coaches provided over the top encouragement”, Many noted the power of support from other participants – from spouses “my wife and I learned it’s fun to cook together.”  “Involving the whole family has been great” We learn to keep a sense of humor toward those around you who haven’t quite caught on to the value of this.  Just keep setting the example.  SR said “Sense of Community keeps me coming – to hear everyone’s stories.”  “Husband has adapted to meat free frequently.  You guys helped him see what I’m doing.”

And stay involved with your support.  This group took the steps to set up ongoing potlucks. And Shelby has been  arranging Dining Out with HEA at local restaurants; and even the chefs enjoy learning something new – such as cooking without oil.

5. Give your Taste buds a chance to change

“The Adventure gives you the opportunity to taste so many different foods and seasoning” (instead of just salt and fat).  And being 100% at home really lets the taste buds become more sensitive.  Frequently noted on the graduation questionnaire were: “I’m  Noticing actual flavors” “I can tell when things are too salty.” “I no longer crave sweets”.  “No longer want fatty, fried foods”.  As one participant said, ” I love coming here, this is GOOD food.”

6. Be Mindful

“This was so much fun, and the food is so delicious – it helped me focus more, be more mindful of what I put in my mouth.  I work from home, it’s so helpful to have the kitchen stocked WFPB”   Another thing that adds to mindfulness is the colorfulness and textures of the food – so much so it inspires taking pictures.  And, importantly, everyone noted ” I can tell when I’m full.”

7. Get Back on Track

GJ described “I participated 7 years ago and felt great, and stayed WFPB for 3 1/2 years…. then stuff started sneaking back in.  I’m glad I came back for another Adventure – it feels great to be back on track.  If old habits slip back in, it doesn’t mean “give up” , rather it signals “get back on track!” MB found himself happily back on track surrounded by others, and sugars coming down.

8. Being Active

EB noted “Loss of weight gives me better endurance and energy.”  Many got started with the Getting Started with Exercise information sheets.  AC noted “Involving the whole family made it a lot of fun.  Kids have made changes too – we’re all eating healthier – more energy – more enjoyable to ride bikes.”

9. Embrace the increased energy

It’s still exciting to see so many participants note increased energy.  Stick with WFPB to keep this!  AC added “After doing this …. the energy I have for my 3 kids, my 2 jobs, I’m more happy – I’m going to continue th

10. Keep Seeing the Whole Picture

WFPB isn’t just about individuals, it’s very much about the environment and having food all.  LM said this so well ” This has been a Spiritual evolution : living my values to be a “repairer of creation” lowered my carbon methane footprint.”

CONGRATULATIONS – to Penn National HEA 2019 Graduates!

Seeing the whole picture through Whole Foods Plant Based Eating is affirming, enlightening, empowering!














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An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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