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Tips for Dining Out

Remember dining out is for enjoying family and friends, the conversation and laughter, and no dishes to do!   It’s not just about the food; Be Adventuresome!!!!

When presenting dietary preferences, keep positive towards waiters and complimentary of chef’s creative potential “Hey, I can tell by the menu that your chef is very creative with a variety of foods and flavors, can he fix something for me?  Keep in mind, the more often we make requests for whole foods plant based (or try “Vegan, no oil” please), the more chefs and restaurants will realize there is more and more interest in this healthy way of eating.  Stay adventuresome and upbeat.  Send “compliments to the chef” for any special efforts!

Keep in mind, the movement for plant-based eating is still growing. At times, you may have to compromise with having all of your dietary needs met (perhaps with a little more oil, salt or or refined flour than you wanted) but beware to not to fall into ‘The habit of over -compromising’ and to not force your new palette tolerance because you feel cornered; or your tastebuds & arteries will get compromised again.  It is possible to strike a balance and stay whole foods, plant based.

Often you can make a meal out of side dishes and variations on the salads. Many places have whole grain rice or pasta if you’ll ask;  often they will  toss these with steamed seasoned veggies.  Just ask about entrees also – chefs understand “Vegan/No Oil”

So!  Here is a list of restaurants to dine out around and near Franklin county. Their phone numbers are available on the internet & phone book for further inquiries. Right at the bottom I’ve added cafés that serve almond milk beverages.




Falafel Shack

9 North Main Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201.

Offering Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine.


Guilford Town Square, 1495 Lincoln Way E, Chambersburg, PA 17202.

Offering a fusion of Japanese & Thai dishes. They make everything from scratch so are willing to accommodate to your needs!


1050 Wayne Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201
Stir-fried rice with veggies & salad (Although plant-based the rice is not Wholegrain.)

India Café 

815 Wayne Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201 , call: 7172632660, you can also order online and pick up.
Vegetarian & vegan options on their menu & at their daily lunch buffet $11, Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm. The yellow lentil Dahl has the least amount of oil usually. Will do Wholegrain man bread & whole grain rice if you call the day before, plenty of protein options here!

Pat & Carla’s                                                                                                                                                                                                    920 S Main St, Chambersburg, PA 17201
You can order a salad and a plate of hot vegetables- add olives, pineapple if you’d like!
(Pizza dough is not yet whole grain – but maybe if we keep asking…..)


Ruby Tuesday’s                                                                                                                                                                                             1121 Lincoln Hwy, Chambersburg, PA 17201                                                                                                                                                     Full blown salad bar – amazing variety and tasty, fresh, colorful options.  In fact, if you want to get an idea of all the things you can put on a salad to make a fabulous meal, go check out this salad bar – it’s inspiring


Butcher’s shoppe / Big oak café                                                                                                                                                                   410 Stouffer Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Cucumber sandwich with sweet relish, veggie sticks & fruit salad. If you buy the whole Alvarro wholegrain loaf for $3:80-$4 to take home with you from the store – you could have them make your sandwich with this.  Kat has been encouraging and coaching them on new lunch options, so give this a try.

Hoss’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                        20 Falling Spring Rd, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Full variety at the salad bar- you can get refills! They also have fruit, granola & raisins for dessert! For a drink, unsweetened iced tea or plain water with lemon is best unless you bring your own almond milk for coffee.

Chipotle –

975 Norland Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201.

Beans, brown rice, vegetables

(Tasty vegan & vegetarian options, Just watch the salt & oil content on some of these still)

The Orchards

1580 Orchard Dr, Chambersburg, PA 17201,

Chef Geof Lambert makes sure they always have a whole foods, plant based, no oil (aka E2) option.  They really choose a nice variety of flavors and ingredients.  They have been so good about this, that it’s great to encourage them by dining out there.

Saga Hibachi Grill  

1685 Lincoln Way E, Chambersburg, PA 17202 (across from Walmart)

This place is fun; the chef can make you anything you want among their ingredients right infront if you.

Giant Foodstores 

993 Wayne Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Lots of variety at their “salad” bar – much more than just salads. (watch for mayo and excess oil)  It’s easy to pack a “to go” meal.

Red Robin,

921 Norland Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201.

One burger has eggs , the other doesn’t, specify that you don’t want the one with eggs.  They do a whole wheat bun too. The 100% the vegan burger has been known to be slightly greasy for the ‘well cleaned palette’.

Fusión, Hispanic latin café & restaurant,

175 S Main St, Chambersburg, PA 17201.
Their fusion salad is filling for $8-9 and has a delicious variety topped with fruit. Ask if they have extra Ingredients if desired. (Roshni’s tip)

Green castle

Pure and Simple café

164 E Baltimore St, Greencastle, PA 17225,

Wonderful options.  Ask for HEA or E2 or Vegan, no oil — they will understand.
Open: Mon-Fri 7-5pm, SAT 8- 3pm

B Street 104 

On Baltimore St

They use lots of lovely ingredients and seasoning, and are becoming familiar with Plant Based.  Wednesday and Thursday – Chef Jeremy Jones is there and he is excellent (calling an hour in advance gives extra time for creativity) – ask for an E2 dish or Whole foods, Plant Based creation — or select from salads and sides.

John Allison Pub 

Be adventuresome – work with the salads and sides, sometimes they can do a pasta or brown rice tossed with veggies —  this is another place that if we frequent it more often, they are likely to have more available.


Bulls and Bears 38 S Potomac St. (across from Maryland Theatre) Vegetarian options on menu and they are happy to leave cheese out of salad and entrees.  

28 South  At 28 S Potomac also has delicious vegan/vegetarian options 

Uno’s Pizza

17734 Garland Groh. Blvd Hagerstown, MD 21740 | Phone: 240-420-1919.

Yes you can have delicious pizza!!!!!  Whole grain pizza base and delicious seasoned pizza sauce with roasted veggies. It is the best tasting pizza in the world!

I didn’t detect too much oil in the pizza dough (if any) and it didn’t taste overloaded with salt!  They are very accommodating to dietary needs!

Mango Grill

11205 John F. Kennedy Drive Suite 201, Hagerstown

Indian and Thai Cuisine

Lots of vegan options on the menu, and they can modify others.  Also ask for “no oil” – often they will steam.  Ask for brown rice if available

House of Kobe:

757 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Established Japanese eatery serves traditional dishes in fun environs with a sushi bar (including vegetarian) & hibachi, seaweed salad. Ask if they can cook your entree choice without oil.(Dr Liz’s tip)

Nick’s Airport

14548 Pennsylvania Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21742 –

Dr Liz’s tip. Don’t just rely on what you see on the menu, the chef can create & make something if you ask.  

Lanna Thai Restaurant 

1580 Weisel Blvd K, Hagerstown

They have lots of choices and will steam things instead of cooking in oil; ask for brown rice.  And will add other veggies for variety and lots of options with tofu.



Center Square

Variable depending on staff/chef that day. They seem to be getting the hang of it.  Work with the waiters – use your creative skills to request substitutions on salads and side dishes, they will leave out oil on veggies, request no cheese on black bean burger.  A veggie rice/bean dish is coming soon.

Romeo’s Pizza  

Oregon St You can ask for a veggie pizza without cheese – lots of topping options.  Take your own ground cashew nuts or ground flax seed for them to sprinkle on top.  Various salads – ask for no meat — and balsamic reduction for dressing.  Crusts no longer are whole grain — but maybe if we keep asking, he’ll start these again


The Parrot

35 Chambersburg St,, Gettysburg

Also have pleasant outdoor dining.  Look for “Garden Vegetable” entree.  They are also very good with requests for variations on the salad (such as can you substitute artichoke hearts for the goat cheese). They often can add beans to your salad to make it more hearty for an entree.

Cafés that serve almond milk/ dairy free beverages! 

 Coffee making tips:

– Remember that coffee syrups are loaded with sugar and even sugar free sweetners have an unnatural artificial chemicals that reeks havoc in our bodies.

– you could always bring black strap molasses or your own home made flavoring with you as your own traditional coffee sweetner instead (Even flavor it up with natural almond essence, vanilla essence, nutmeg & cinnamon if you wanted to be extra prepared!)

 – Serving Almond milk or Soy:


C&C coffee – Chambersburg 

Dunkin Donuts 

Pure & Simple café

Big Oak café (Butchers Shoppe)

Sheets (sometimes)

Panera Bread One

North Coffee (Mercersburg)

 Nathan Miller chocolate, Chambersburg- does dairy free dark chocolate.

Well I hope that helps you all!  These are ideas, but challenge yourself – you’ll be able to find something at just about every restaurant.

You might want to keep a copy of this in your car or handbag for quick access.

Enjoy, be adventuresome; just as whole foods plant based is new to you — the restaurants need encouragement too!  If you have restaurants to add, let Ingrid know!

Happy HEALTHY eating adventurers!



Your food-fanatic-friend



An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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