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A 28 day program that helps communities take on a whole foods plant based lifestyle. Research based, the program provides the support and "hands on" training for changes that last a lifetime.

DVD Program Includes:
Welcome to Healthy Eating Adventures - from Dr. Liz George
Growing Healthy Communities - Video of our Healthy Life Styles Expo LA 2014 presentation - Learn how to create an Adventure and see the synergy of Potlucks


Getting Started:
"How to Create a Healthy Eating Adventure" PowerPoint - Easy "how to steps" to review with your team.
Flow Chart for an adventure
Team Organizational Chart

Promoting Your Adventure:
Poster - Downloadable template promotes your adventure and educates
Prescription Pad - Template to create healthy eating "prescription" pads for health care providers
"Save the Date" Recipe Card - Template to hand out at local venues - promotes and educates
Sample Articles - Share your adventures

HEA Brochure - Downloadable PDF

Running Your Adventure:
Event Evening Menu/Schedule - Example for your kick off event
Adventure Sign Up Card
Introductory Letter with Sign Up
"Kitchen Make Over" PowerPoint - Get started by getting rid of the junk - take this on whole-heartedly!
Guidebook for HEA Participants - Information at their finger tips - Getting started, label reading, where to find it, eating out tips, to customize for your area
Potluck Date Reminder Bookmark
HEA Name Tag - Key to communication at every gathering
Pointers for Coaches and email examples to support your participants.
Pre and Post Questionnaires - Measure their progress, document your Adventure success
Graduation Certificate - Honor their success! Celebrate with testimonials!
Post Card for 6 month HEA Follow Up - Empower your participants to sustain the change
Eat and Learn Pot Luck Power Points - Guides for topics to stimulate conversation as participants exchange their new knowledge.


Kitchen tools
Eating Out
Easy Lunches


20+ Done-For-You Templates • PowerPoints • Video •
Resources to ensure your adventure is a success!


An Adventure is a community-based 28-day program that can kick-start you on a lifetime of healthier eating with a whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

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