HEA Cooking Tips

SpicesStarting with a Well Stocked Pantry

  • A well stocked pantry will let you arrive home at the end of a busy day, with no meal planned, and still have fun creating something delicious.



Variations on Roasting Vegetables (an easy “one pot” meal and relax while they’re roasting)


Colorful salad

Salad Creativity



Vegetable Scraps in Saucepan

Making Vegetable Stock



Assembled Vegetables30 Minute Meals


Mirepoix IngredientsMaking a Tasty Base for soups, stews and any veggie stir “fry”





Fresh or Dry Seasonings Work in All Cooking

Seasoning Ideas



Topped with Frozen Kale

Using Kale

  • Kale – a nutritious cruciferous leaf is easy to incorporate into any meal
  • Something happens when you freeze kale,
    allowing it to cook for less time to soften. Adding this last when roasting ensures it keeps a bit of texture


Sprouting Beans




Frozen Vegetable Stock With Cooking Vegetables.

Cooking Without Oil



Veggies ready to roast

Less Chopping More Flavor



Packing a Healthy Lunch




“Inventing” a Recipe



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