Success at Wilson College Summer 2017 Healthy Eating Adventure


This summer’s Healthy Eating Adventure at Wilson College was full of energy and, of course, delicious food.  Nearly 100 people attended Dr. Liz’s kickoff lecture and over 30 new participants “took on” the Adventure – along with energetic coaches and program volunteers. After Coach BJ’s kitchen makeover, Roshni’s supermarket shopping trip and our first official potluck dinner adventurers were well on their way to a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.

With the 4th of July in the middle of our Adventure, folks took fabulous dishes to 4th of July gatherings for others to enjoy (and all dishes came home empty!)  Our Tuesday night potlucks were held at the pavilion at  Fulton Farm of Wilson College which created a beautiful back drop for our weekly potlucks.  Adventurers shared triumphantly at our graduation potluck dinner.  MF: ” I was the Fast Food Queen – I have completely embraced whole foods plant based and my weight is down 20 pounds (my T shirt fits!!), my cholesterol dropped 88 points, my morning sugar went from 351 to 137 and I was able to decrease my insulin from 50 units twice a day to 20 units twice a day.  I love my new energy!”

The Adventure was a wonderful way to enjoy the abundance of the season and eating well! And thank plant powered volunteers who bring so much energy and joy to our Adventures!!


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