Congratulations to Shippensburg University 2017 Adventure Graduates


Triumphant  Healthy Eating Adventurers shared their successes at graduation on November 28th.   Adventurers shared how they successfully shared their whole foods plant based cooking with family and friends over Thanksgiving, and explained to them how this way of eating changes lives!  Adventurers thanked their coaches and each other for sharing about new cooking techniques, discoveries about  shopping and creating fabulous flavors.  Roshni and Larry’s grocery shopping trip – exploring the produce area and reading labels closely in all the other aisles, and discussing “where do I find….?” was a hit!

Adventurers learned to create a variety of dishes with amazing flavor!!  They experienced success in weight loss, kicking the salt habit, enjoying new flavors, improving BP, lowering cholesterol, loosing the sweets addiction and getting off some pills!  Healthy Eating Adventure spreads through participants sharing their stories — and often the story is “told” by changes that are apparent to others – more energy, lighter mood, more color in complexion, weight loss.  Here’s an example:  Carl, with a history of rampant heart disease in his family, came to HEA through a chance meeting  with Jean Crabtree (HEA coach, her brother turned his health around also through her coaching) at a Bible study — Carl noted, “it wasn’t hard to switch to this way of cooking — and my grocery bill has gone down (even buying organic), my energy is up, my weight is down 24 pounds, and I’m working on getting off more of my medications!”  At this Adventure he met Kira, a dietician and advocate for healthy eating at the Army War College in Carlisle. Kira came to HEA at the invitation of a coworker and HEA graduate Mike Gaudiose MD. Kira was impressed with the “tangible results achieved by participants.”  Carl and Kira are teaming up to help spread HEA to the Carlisle area.

A huge thank you to coaches and volunteers — you are the ones who make these transformations possible

Many thanks to Nick Iula, dining service director at Ship, for hosting the Adventure and providing a beautiful space, set up, even fresh fruit and veggie infused waters!!  Congratulations on your achievement of high rankings amongst state and national schools for “Best in Providing Vegan Meals”.

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