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Cooking Together is Great “Team Building” Last week a team of our Penn National 2018 Healthy Eating Adventurers gathered in Patti’s kitchen to make 15 gallons of this delicious, fresh, veggie filled Zesty Zucchini Chili. On the aprons (sing as you read it) “I’m all about the Beans, ’bout the… continue reading »

Layering tomatoes with eggplant in this dish,  steams the eggplant with flavor. My daughter Megan shared a simple and delicious dish with me of eggplant layered over tomato slices, topped with seasoned bread crumbs and cooked at 375* for 30 minutes. It was so totally yummy that I found myself… continue reading »

Watch how easy preparing eggplant can be. Eggplant is still growing and ripening nicely,  and can be a tasty  addition to a steam fry, added to whole grain noodles (I just had some added to last nights tomato sauce), or roasted veggie dish.  Eggplant’s texture does well taking up the flavors of… continue reading »

Here’s an easy way to prepare tofu! You can use it in just about anything – from stir fries to soup , mix with roasted veggies or to top your salads  It’s an easy way to make some for tonight’s meal, tomorrow’s salad and freeze some for future use.  The great… continue reading »

Chard Wraps And Nori Wraps for Potluck   Nutrition Dense Chard Want another use for those huge chard leaves?  This morning hubby Bob said to me “your chard is getting a little big….” The bamboo fence posts in this picture are 3 ½ feet high. Time for making chard wraps… continue reading »

Packing a healthy lunch can be easy (and even relaxing!)     Packing a healthy lunch is a mindful way to start the day.  This morning packing started with a soothing trip to the lettuce patch.  The handy “spring mix” from the store also works well – and save the box for a… continue reading »

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