Brussesl Sprouts Roasted

by: Ingrid Ashley Entrees | Ingrid Ashley

Brussels Sprouts Roasted


Brussels sprouts on the stalk.
Taking the time to cut the brussels sprouts off the stalk gives the mind time to relax.



I came home on a Sunday evening in the beginning of January after a busy weekend of repairing and organizing a broken closet system, enjoying my children, exciting football games, and Birthday celebrations.  My son would turn 9(!) the next day and the family dog, Buddy, was celebrating his 3rd birthday!  While shopping for my son’s birthday cake, I purchased a brussel sprout stalk on sale at the grocery store and knew I would need to do something with it soon.  There was also the task of a little meal prep for this week’s lunch, making busy mornings so much easier.






Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts trimmed from the stalk.





So at 8pm I preheated the oven to 375(F) and quickly got to work trimming the brussels sprouts from the stalk.






Halved Brussels Sprouts
Since these were rather large brussels sprouts I cut them in half to reduce the cooking time.





After trimming the stalk and halving the sprouts I rinsed them well under water.  I wanted to make sure they had a healthy dose of water for moisture during the roasting process.







Brussels sprouts with red potatoes onions and garlic
All piled together the colors are beautiful and appetizing!

Diversifying the dish add more flavor!


Wanting the dish to be a bit more diverse, I very roughly cubed 5-6 red potatoes, quartered 4 small yellow onions, and halved 6-8 very small garlic cloves.  After separating all of the ingredients into two 9×13 inch glass baking dishes,  both veggie piles got a rub down with dried lemon peel and coriander spices along with a heavy dousing of balsamic and red wine vinegar.  I added a splash of Bragg’s Amino Liquids.  This has a distinct flavor and is not necessary for the success of the dish if it is not favorable to your pallet.


Roasted Brussels and Veggies
The aromas as the veggies roasted were so delicious I could have devoured a serving right then and there.




So anyways, I placed the prepared dished in the preheated oven and a set a timer for 20 minutes.  I finished the dishes from the busy weekend and vacuumed the kitchen floor, then I tucked the kids in bed just in time for the timer.  I stirred the creation and back in the oven they went for an additional 15 minutes.  This gave me time to wipe up the counters and gather up my gear to begin my evening work.  Stirring the veggies again I decided the potatoes and onions needed 10 more min and the brussels sprouts could handle 10 more.







Roasted veggies in container
Veggies complete and ready to store.


Maximize every available moment



My phone had died at this point so a charging it went while I booted up my computer and found some music to get me motivated.  My love of eclectic music make radio stations difficult so random song choices is my only option, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Country, French Rap, Folk, you name it and I will enjoy!  The veggies were done and the smell was amazing!  It was all I could do to not fill a bowl to snack on right then!  I set them on the oven to cool for a bit while I got to work on my computer.



Roasted brussels and veggies
Dishing into lunch portions right from the start saves time during busy weekday mornings!





After fifteen to twenty minutes I dished the veggies into 3 days of lunch portions with room for salad and home made hummus, and the rest piled into a large container for use throughout the week as needed.  They smelled delicious and I knew they were nutritious and would save me fifteen to twenty min each morning figuring out what to have for lunch during the week.  Hope you enjoyed and are inspired to love cooking as much as I!

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