Chard Wraps And Nori Wraps for Potluck   Nutrition Dense Chard Want another use for those huge chard leaves?  This morning hubby Bob said to me “your chard is getting a little big….” The bamboo fence posts in this picture are 3 ½ feet high. Time for making chard wraps… continue reading »

Packing a healthy lunch can be easy (and even relaxing!)     Packing a healthy lunch is a mindful way to start the day.  This morning packing started with a soothing trip to the lettuce patch.  The handy “spring mix” from the store also works well – and save the box for a… continue reading »

Penn National Golf Club and Community – January 2017

  Congratulations to Penn National Healthy Eating Adventure 2017 graduates. January was perfect timing for participants intent on keeping their New Years Resolution.  Participants were intent on changing their eating habits but couldn’t figure out how – or part of their brain was saying “don’t do it, I like my old habits”.  Old… continue reading »

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